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I just want to say....

I just want to say.....
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I just want to say....

...I love you
...I hate you
...I lied to you
...You are my hero
...You are the most fucked up person I know
...You are my best friend

The choice is yours.
You want to say something to someone, but not to their face?
Vent here.

The choice is yours if you want to leave commenting enabled or disabled.

The choice is also yours if you want to use real names, fake names, lj names....whatever.

I don't care.

This is a community for YOU.
So go write that message you always wanted to say....

Posts are not moderated, or checked and approved prior to you posting them. Profanity will not be monitored so if swearing etc offends you, then you probably shouldn't join. Moderator takes no responsibility for the content of posts and really....doesn't care