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| this is from a girl you hurt |

Dear "Ophelia" girl,

I hate you. I know it's childish, but I still harbor a grudge for what you did to me a year ago. I've hated you ever since then.

I created that fucking game. I made it, and for a long time it was with hardly any help from you. I worked hard, and then things happened.

I had a bad time. I didn't pay attention to the game, because I was starting my very first semester of college and was understandably bogged down with work and homesickness. I admit, I should have posted more, but you. Your actions were unforgivable.

You pushed me out. You appointed a new mod - someone I couldn't stand - in my absence, and acted like it was my fault that I got upset over it. Then, when I announced an indefinate leave of absence because I wasn't sure how to deal with the situation, you revoked my mod priviledges from the communities and, essentially, kicked me out. You then proceeded to persocute me for writing in my own, personal LiveJournal about what had happened, saying I was trying to get support for myself.

You stole my game. You stole the game that I loved, and I can't make one like it for myself, because people would think I was copying you, when I made the fucking thing in the first place.

I cried so many times over that fucking thing, and over the things you said to me. You weren't just rude and obnoxious - you were cruel. I know you're going through awful times, and the things going on in your life I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, but that's not an excuse to take out your frustrations on someone you knew it would hurt badly.

You knew how much you were hurting me. I told you - or I tried to, anyway. You knew me - you were my friend. You made me mad, and then pretended not to know how I would react when I got that way.

I thought you were my friend, but as it turns out, you're not a very good one. In fact, you're not one at all. Probably not to anyone, if you can so easily backstab me.

It's been a year, but I still haven't gotten this out of my system. I thought of contacting you, but I wouldn't know what to say that I wouldn't get screamed at for. I want to talk to you, to let you know how that made me feel, how awful and stupid you made me feel, how small. But I can't. Because you'll just say how much worse your life is, and look at you!, you're still functioning.

I just want this resolved. It's been eating me alive for a year, and I'm so tired of it.

- Me


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